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The company 90 GRAD was founded in 2017 by Mario Riegger, registered as a GmbH (limited liability company) in May 2019 and launched its first large-scale production in 2020. The 90 GRAD GmbH combines artisan experience with the joy of innovation and value creation in the Lake Constance region.

We develop our products customer-specific according to individual design ideas. You are welcome to get to know 90 GRAD GmbH and its products personally.

We welcome you to get to know 90 Grad GmbH and our wide variety of products and we are excited to offer you a creative solution for your application.

“Tables, machines, devices, system floors and transport systems are precisely aligned in seconds or become rollable objects – completely without tools, repeatable as often as desired, very simple. And all this with an almost step-less height adjustment of the legs.”

Mario Riegger


Quality and precision

Using state-of-the-art injection molding technology and selected plastics from the industry, 90 GRAD GmbH produces highly durable, fiberglass-reinforced and height-adjustable table legs.

Regional and Sustainable

From Lake Constance to the whole world. We rely 100% on regional value creation from development to production and assembly. We generate and secure jobs which creates sustainable added value locally and contributes to an already well-known and strong economic region. Level with us and become a partner of 90 GRAD.

The 90 GRAD Team

– get to know us

Mario Riegger

CEO & Product

Stefan Mueller


Jonas Linke

Strategy & Business Development

Julian Schuer


Perfect fit

Short delivery routes

Individual solutions

Small quantity & series